Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello - thank you for stopping by.  

This blog is written for your enjoyment, and I also hope you learn a few things about the Thomas Lensing/Jean Burris families you did not know.  

The text in this blog is copyrighted, the photos are not.  If you are family or friends and like one of the photos you see here in my blog, please help yourself to a copy - just do not claim to have taken the photos yourself.

If you read anything I have posted and have something factual to add, I would love for you to contact me and let me know so I can add it to the blog.  I am always interested in more family history information. 

You will notice that most of the information is of our human family members, but I will also included our furry family members as well.  They are important too - they make the lives we live more enjoyable and worthwhile.

So sit back and learn a little bit more about the Lensing and Burris families, including the Heim and Herrington families, too, of course.  

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